Benefits of the Fund

First to Respond

The Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund (TPWOF) delivers peace of mind for Members and loved ones.  Immediate support is provided in the most critical hours.

2023 Benefit Schedule

Active Member Regular Death Benefit        $50,000

  • Payable on death due to natural causes and/or accidental death
  • Double Indemnity Benefit may be approved by the Board for death in the performance of duty

Retired Member Regular Death Benefit1     $18,800

  • Paid Up death benefit on retirement
  • No further payment of Dues required

1 Retired from TPS with 300 months contributory Fund membership


Regular Endowment Benefit 1                       $3,150

Modified Retired Member Death Benefit and Endowment Benefit

For Members who retire from the TPS with less than 300 months contributory Fund Membership, benefits will be prorated (Actual months ÷ 300 months)

Will/Power of Attorney Preparation

Will Reimbursement Program                                              $200

The Fund offers a reimbursement for the preparation of a Member’s Will or Power of Attorney.

New! Starting April 1, 2021, members are eligible for a second reimbursement. These two reimbursements are for separate transactions and cannot be combined.

Members on Leave

To maintain your TPWOF membership in good standing and be eligible for members’ benefits, please remit your membership dues directly to TPWOF. See LINK. Contact us at for more information.

To obtain a copy of the 2023 TPWOF Benefits Schedule for additional details, contact us at

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