Benefits of the Fund

First to Respond

The Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund (WOF) delivers peace of mind for members and loved ones. Immediate support is provided in the most critical hours.

Death Benefits

Widows and Orphans Fund Death BenefitActive Death
Natural Causes and or Accidental Death On and Off Duty *                                    $40,500

Paid-Up Life Insurance Death Benefits After Retirement
Fully Paid Up Life Insurance*                                                                                   $18,700

* The Fund is currently paying an additional 20%. Amounts listed are subject to annual review.


Widows and Orphans Fund Retirement – Endowment
Based on 25 years (300 months) of service you are entitled to $3150

Under 25 years this benefit will be prorated.

Will/Power of Attorney Preparation

The Toronto Police WOF provides a one-time payment of up to $200 upon the preparation of a new Will or Power of Attorney. Information on a lawyer to assist with a will is available.

Everest Funeral Concierge Services

Everest is a unique, value added service that empowers members who are dealing with funeral related issues. Everest services are available to our members at no cost. Services include 24-hour assistance throughout the funeral process. For more information, please call Everest’s toll free number 1-800-913-8318 or visit use code TPWOF.

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