Frequently Asked Questions and Forms

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we receive regarding our program.

  • How do I become a member?
  • How does the Will reimbursement program work?

    The Fund offers a reimbursement up to $200 for the preparation of a Will or Power of Attorney. Starting April 1, 2021, members are now eligible for a second reimbursement. These two reimbursements must be for separate transactions and cannot be combined.

    Just send us a copy of the invoice from the legal representative who prepared the Will or Power of Attorney. Include your badge/member number and mailing address with your request.

  • How can I request my endowment?

    As a Member of the TPWOF who contributed to the Fund, when you retire from the Toronto Police Service you may be eligible to receive the TPWOF Endowment benefit. Complete the TPWOF Contact Information form and then return it to us by email, inter-office or mail along with your request for the Endowment.

    We need your contact information in order to mail the benefit cheque to you, and to continue to communicate with you about your TPWOF benefits and other important Fund information.

    Contact Information Form

  • Will I lose my benefits at age 65 / on retirement?

    As a Member of the TPWOF who contributed to the Fund, when you retire from the Toronto Police Service you may be eligible to a Paid Up Death benefit. This benefit will continue for your lifetime without the need to pay further membership Dues. Contact us for more information.

  • I am starting a leave of absence. What happens with my dues and benefits?

    If you are taking time off work, your Fund dues will stop being collected from payroll. To maintain entitlement to Fund benefits contact us at for more information.


    From start of a Leave, you are given a 30-day grace period to arrange alternative payment of dues. By not remitting membership dues during a Leave, your entitlement to Fund benefits including important death benefits may be suspended and your membership frozen until your return to paid employment. Exception: on confirmation of a member approved on a Central Sick Bank Leave, dues are waived by the Fund and entitlement to death benefits remains active.


    Note, you are not required to share personal health information with the Fund.

  • I am starting a leave of absence. What is the dues amount that I need to remit?

    Dues can be paid monthly or quarterly while on Leave. Contact us at and we will confirm your membership dues rate.

  • I am starting a leave of absence. How do I remit payment to the TPWOF?

    You may pay your membership dues through one of the methods of payment described below:

    1. Send an Interac e-transfer from your financial institution to, noting your full name and badge number in the notes field of the e-transfer. Or,

    2. Mail personal cheque(s) made payable to “Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund” (or “TPWOF”) to the following address: TPWOF, 2075 Kennedy Road, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M1T 3V3

  • How do I change my beneficiaries?

    Complete the form below and return to us by email. 

    Beneficiary Form

  • What does primary and contingent beneficiary mean?

    The death benefit will be paid first to the person(s) named as the primary beneficiary if living when a benefit is payable. If no primary beneficiary is then alive, the death benefit will be paid to any contingent beneficiaries who are then alive. Contact us for further information, or an estate lawyer for professional advice.

  • How do I update my address or other contact information?

    Complete the form below and return to us by email.

    TPWOF Contact Information Form

  • How do I update a change to my name?

    Complete the form below and return to us by email.

    TPWOF Name Change Form

  • How is the Fund regulated and managed?

    The Fund is regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) as a Federally Regulated Insurance company.

    What We Do Page

  • Where can I obtain the TPWOF Member Benefits Booklet?

    The Member Benefits Booklet contains details of your membership.

    Member Benefits Booklet

At any time please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you might have.

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