• Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund

    First To Respond since 1952

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  • Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund

    First To Respond since 1952

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  • Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund

    First To Respond since 1952

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It is our fraternal membership that drives our passion to serve you.  Please let us know if the Toronto Police Widows & Orphans Fund is meeting your needs by responding to our two-question Member Benefits survey below. 

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We pride ourselves on providing immediate financial support to your family in their moment of need.

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As a Member of the Fund, you belong to a family and are treated with the same care and attention as every other Member who needs our help.

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Over 10,000 Members

Membership is open to all uniform and civilian Members of the TPS. This is how we look after each other in the spirit of fraternalism.

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Our Trusted Partners

With our network of sponsors and partners we are able to continue to offer the TPS this great service. Thanks to:

  • TPS Toronto Police Services
  • TPAAA Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association
  • TPPA Toronto Police Pensioners Association
  • TPA Toronto Police Association
  • SOO Senior Officers Organization
  • I have received TPWOF's cheque for my husband’s death benefit. This benefit came as something of a surprise. I'm also amazed at the speed and efficiency with which this occurred! Many thanks indeed.
    M. Lieberman
    Wife of a Toronto Police Officer
  • For me, knowing the TPWOF money was available to us the first day was such a relief. Having the freedom to arrange my husband's funeral without worrying about budget was a very special gift.
    K. Wood
    Wife of a Toronto Police Officer
  • Words will never be able to express what a relief it was to have the Widows & Orphans Fund provide assistance in our family’s time of need. When my husband Jim passed away, the Fund allowed me to honour Jim’s memory in the way he wanted. I was overwhelmed. Thank you for everything.
    C. Leslie
    Wife of a Toronto Police Officer
  • The very same day my wife Val passed away, the Widows & Orphans Fund contacted me, offered their assistance, and provided me with a cheque. It gave me and my family peace of mind knowing the bills for the funeral were going to be covered. Everyone on this job should be in the Fund. You never know when you are going to need it.
    M. Traynor
    Husband of a Toronto Police Officer

Our commitment to your Privacy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is of utmost importance to Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund (TPWOF). You can be confident that we take the appropriate steps to ensure that your information is protected.

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