What We Do

Peace of mind for you & your loved ones

Nobody expects to pass away suddenly, but it’s comforting to know someone is there for your loved ones in their time of greatest need. The Widows and Orphans Fund provides immediate support in the critical hours to your beneficiary. As a Member of the Fund you belong to a family, and are treated with the same care and attention as every other Member who needs our help.

More than just death benefits

In addition to a death benefit, we offer important services that help you protect your family, such as our Will rebate program, access to lawyers, estate planning guide and funeral assistance. The Fund continues to ensure high value for low cost, through careful self-management, consistency and commitment. All profits are reinvested in the Fund to maximize payouts to our Members.

Critical assistance
for pennies a day

Membership in the Widows & Orphans Fund is affordable and very competitive. Dues are paid through payroll deduction. When you retire, you receive a single lump sum payment (endowment), pay no more dues and continue to be covered with a paid-up life insurance policy. As the Fund grows, accumulated profits are used to increase benefits. If the benefits increase after you retire, your beneficiary will receive the increased amount.


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