We serve our members who risk their lives for their community, and we’re committed to providing peace of mind through immediate support in the most critical hours. Our mission is to be the “First to Respond” to a family’s needs upon the death of a member.

As a fraternal benefit society, we operate as a not-for-profit organization; however, we’re not a charitable organization. This means our member funds are prudently managed to maintain capital requirements and lean operations. Our focus is to ensure, when the time comes, funds are available for our members and their families.

We’re seeking donations to assist us with the cost of benefits and operations. Your donation can be made:

• In memory of a fellow member
• In recognition of members reaching retirement (the Retirement Appreciation Package)
• Or, to assist with the ever-increasing complexity and the cost of Fund operations.

2021 Remembrance Day

Your donation would be greatly appreciated!

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